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John Fraser

The Michelin-starred chef has a story to tell you through his cooking

Pundy’s Picks for Conscious Travel

Six tips for considered and conscious travel

Genmaicha Martini Recipe

The classic martini plus the health benefits of green tea

The Spread Love Project by Nicholas Konert

How Nicholas Konert’s rainbow heart design became an international icon

Wade Davis

Anthropology is the antidote to today’s nativism says the scholar and author

Carla Sozzani

The future of retail according to the founder of legendary concept store 10 Corso Como

The Art of Migration

The power of art to inspire empathy and social action

John Pawson

Zen Buddhism and minimalist purity drive the celebrated architect

Amy Duncan

As the CBD line Mowellens expands into skincare, its founder shares the personal story behind her company

Sila Sveta

Moscow’s favorite media studio finds the perfect balance between art and commerce

David de Rothschild

In his calls for environmental awareness, the modern explorer finds harmony between man and nature

Can Fashion Be Sustainable?

Shaping a better world through what you buy – or don’t

Brendon Babenzian

Supreme’s former creative director wants to end the cycle of consumption with his new brand Noah

Lily Kwong

Nature invades the urban jungle in the landscape designer’s expansive projects

House of Yes

Behind the scenes with the Bushwick nightlife collective promoting inclusivity and consent culture

Vivie-Ann Bakos

DJ Extraordinaire

Chez Dede

A medium in which two world-traveling, adventurous spirits absorb the globe’s vast curiosities and share them freely

Jesse Israel

A meditation guide for extraordinarily large groups

Liya Kebede

The Ethopian model, activist, and entrepreneur uses her label Lemlem as a force for change
Our Foray into the Future
Our Foray into the Future
Our Foray into the Future
Fate or Fake?

To figure out our own future, your editors took matters into their own hands, hitting up two totally reliable, factual sources: a palm reader on 34th Street in NYC and a psychic on the Lower East Side. Here were their findings:

You’ll live a long life and die of natural causes.

You’ll have two healthy kids.

You will have one kid, a girl.

(Hmmm… you two need to get your stories straight.)

You are born to be a leader not a follower.

(We could have told her that!)

You have two major opportunities that are going to present themselves to you in the spring of next year. One is unfamiliar and you need to look externally for advice. One is more familiar but you need to be very careful because you need a clear head to make the right decision.

(To-do list: Clear head.)

You are not being as financially rewarded as you feel you should be.

Love will come in the form of a man carrying two tulips.

Strong marriage line but there is a splinter in it.

(Sooo…you can get splinters from tulips?)

Looks like you missed the boat or your partner knows you are not ready to settle down.

You will marry late in life.

(Ok, ok… We get it already.)


British-born, LA-bred Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor was always destined to be in the spotlight. She was born into rock royalty: Her father is John Taylor, Duran Duran’s bassist; her stepfather is the Strokes’ Nick Valensi; and her mother, the accomplished photographer Amanda de Cadenet. This creative upbringing informs her career today as an aspiring actress and model with a relaxed vintage style that, at the young age of 23, has already landed her covers of countless magazines.




The Webster
1220 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL


Brooklyn Flea Market
1 Hanson Pl, Brooklyn, NY


Topshop’s vintage section
18 Cardinal Place, Victoria St,
London, UK



With your mother as a photographer, you must have been in front of the camera from a very early age?

I am completely used to being in front of a camera. Although sometimes I have to remind myself not to take myself too seriously. For example, around the third week in of Fashion Month. You’re just in it, it’s like you’re a machine. And people don’t mess around with that sort of thing. I’ll come out of it and I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, what am I thinking? Calm down.” It’s hard because I find that a photo can’t show everything. It’s just how you look and it doesn’t take into account your personality or what you have to say. It’s just how the clothes look on you.


What don’t your pictures convey about you?

I feel like I’m pretty funny. I think a lot of people are curious about my weight or how tall I am or my measurements, that kind of thing.
Is that weird to think that people are thinking about your weight? No. That’s the world that I work in. People are obsessed with weight.

How do you stay level-headed about it all?

Learning to love myself and stop trying to change myself and be happy about that. It’s challenging, especially when you’re in a world that you’re get- ting your photo constantly taken. You always think, “This person must be so happy,” because they’re this size and look like this. But I know better. At this point in my life, I know that whatever you’re putting o on the outside, doesn’t mean that’s what’s going on on the inside.


What have you learned about style from your upbringing?

My mom had banging style. I would just steal her clothes. She has stories of me putting on her Gucci Lucite heels and trying to walk in them at like six years old, which is probably the last time I liked to wear heels.


Have your parents told you crazy stories about what it was like in the ’80s in London when they met?

I’m pretty sure I’m a love child. They were only married for four years or something. My mom was pregnant pretty soon.


Your dad said in an interview that the advice he’d impart on you is, “Be nice. Work hard.” Is that accurate?

My dad is really motivating when it comes to making me work. People think that because I come from a well-off family that my life is paid for. For me, I got my first job at 17. I moved out at 18. I’ve been paying my own rent for years. People get confused, they think that if you have that [kind of upbringing], you’re set for life. But it’s not true. You have to have something to say.



Aside from everything else, you also DJ?
I’m a music freak, so it’s fun to be able to get to control the music in a room. And I love playing weird music.


Like what?

Carly Simon remixes that only came o the vinyl version that my dad has on some weird disc he gave me. I don’t play Top 40. I play weird stuff. I like disco, that’s my jam.


Who are some up-and-coming musicians we should know about?

I am obsessed with Leon Bridges.

What are common misconceptions people have about rock stars?

They like to party all the time. That’s not really a misconception, rock stars do party a lot. They do often have funny mirror faces that they check out before they go anywhere. But the rock stars in my life are old, so they’re over that whole stage. For me, they’re just my parents. My dad lives in Adidas track suits when he’s not on stage. So maybe that’s one: They don’t always look so glamorous.