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John Fraser

The Michelin-starred chef has a story to tell you through his cooking

Pundy’s Picks for Conscious Travel

Six tips for considered and conscious travel

Genmaicha Martini Recipe

The classic martini plus the health benefits of green tea

The Spread Love Project by Nicholas Konert

How Nicholas Konert’s rainbow heart design became an international icon

Wade Davis

Anthropology is the antidote to today’s nativism says the scholar and author

Carla Sozzani

The future of retail according to the founder of legendary concept store 10 Corso Como

The Art of Migration

The power of art to inspire empathy and social action

John Pawson

Zen Buddhism and minimalist purity drive the celebrated architect

Amy Duncan

As the CBD line Mowellens expands into skincare, its founder shares the personal story behind her company

Sila Sveta

Moscow’s favorite media studio finds the perfect balance between art and commerce

David de Rothschild

In his calls for environmental awareness, the modern explorer finds harmony between man and nature

Can Fashion Be Sustainable?

Shaping a better world through what you buy – or don’t

Brendon Babenzian

Supreme’s former creative director wants to end the cycle of consumption with his new brand Noah

Lily Kwong

Nature invades the urban jungle in the landscape designer’s expansive projects

House of Yes

Behind the scenes with the Bushwick nightlife collective promoting inclusivity and consent culture

Vivie-Ann Bakos

DJ Extraordinaire

Chez Dede

A medium in which two world-traveling, adventurous spirits absorb the globe’s vast curiosities and share them freely

Jesse Israel

A meditation guide for extraordinarily large groups

Liya Kebede

The Ethopian model, activist, and entrepreneur uses her label Lemlem as a force for change
Game-Change Your Life
Game-Change Your Life
Saving the World's Oceans
Saving the World's Oceans

The mainstream media often focuses on doom and gloom. But there are as many important, inspiring stories to be aware of. Positive News is an online and print magazine dedicated to constructive journalism—good stories from across the world that empower the reader. Publisher Seán Dagan Wood and his team aim to “help people to understand the world in a way that doesn’t leave them feeling disengaged and helpless.” Says Wood: “It gives people the opportunity to see what progress has already been made so they can be more engaged as informed citizens.” To that effect, the London-based outlet rounded up 10 positive headlines from recent months, showing that, actually, the future looks pretty bright.

Denmark cuts food waste by a quarter in five years.

The Scandinavian nation is one of the leading EU countries to fight against food waste. In 2016, a charity in Copenhagen opened Denmark’s first ever food surplus supermarket, selling products at prices 30–50% cheaper than usual retailers.


Drop in premature deaths for four major non-infectious diseases.

Premature deaths from cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and chronic respiratory disease declined by 16% since 2000, according to World Bank data.


Clean jobs are cleaning up in the US. Clean energy jobs in the US

now outnumber positions in oil and gas by 5 to 1. Jobs connected to solar, wind, energy efficiency, smart grid technology, and battery storage outnumber all fossil fuel jobs by more than 2.5 to 1.


More countries have banned the use of wild animals in circuses.

In late 2017, the Indian government banned using wild animals in circus performances, directly followed by Italy. Now, 40 nations have animal circus bans in place.


The tide is turning against wasteful plastic bag use.

Some 40 countries including China, Rwanda, and Italy have now banned, partially banned, or taxed single-use plastic bags. In August 2017, Kenya introduce the world’s toughest plastic bag ban: four years in jail or a $40K (£30K) fine.


Iceland becomes the first country to make equal pay compulsory by law.

The law went into effect on International Women’s Day 2017. Ireland joins other nations to say “frack-off” to fracking. After its senate passed legislation to outlaw the practice, Ireland joined France, Germany, and Bulgaria in banning the controversial drilling technique.


Global child labor falls.

An International Labor Organization report revealed that global child labor has declined sharply: 98M fewer boys and girls were exploited in 2016 than in 2000.


Progress in treating HIV and AIDS.

In July, UNAIDS revealed that half of all people on the planet with HIV are getting treatment— for the first time in history. And, AIDS-related deaths have dropped by half since 2005.


France bans the use of unhealthily thin fashion models.

To protect the health of models working in France, they now need a doctor’s certificate to show overall physical health and body mass index (BMI). Digitally altered photographs must also be labeled as such from October 2017.