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Game Changers

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Cleo Wade

The Influential Poet Turning Girl Power into Woman Power

Misty Copeland

The Ballerina That Became an Icon by Breaking Down Barriers

Julie Gilhart

The Fashion Innovator’s Personal Game Changers

Ian Schrager

How the Visionary Entrepreneur Turned Hospitality into a Celebration

Game-changing Moments in History

A Visual Exploration by the Iconic Magnum Photographers

Black Coffee

The DJ Bringing the South African Club Scene to the World

Mezcal Mamas

Meet the Two Bootlegging Alchemists Transforming the Spirits Industry

Jane Goodall

The Feminist Icon and Conservationist on How We Can Still Save the Planet

Virgil Abloh

How the Creative Polymath Is Pushing Fashion to New Heights

Game-Change Your Life

From Meditation to Entrepreneurialism, How to Make Big Changes with Small Steps

Positive News

What’s Going Right in the World

Saving the World’s Oceans

How James Jagger and Project 0 Are Using Their Star Power for Preservation

Cooking in Motion

For Barcelona’s First Female Sake Sommelier and a Nomadic Chef, Food Is a Simple Performance

Pundy’s Picks

The Six Activists Who Should Be on Everyone’s Radar

Game Changers


WHAT: Further Future
WHERE: Nevada
WHY: 2016 will be the second year of this desert experience. Dress up; stay in tents or an RV. It’s not Burning Man, but you will find Robot Heart. Further Future…if you haven’t you should.


WHAT: Envision
WHERE: Costa Rica
WHY: Reiki, yoga, wellness, meditation, beautiful sunshine, a didgeridoo or two…self expression at its finest. It’s not for the uptight—maybe the future you?


WHAT: Mutek
WHERE: Barcelona
WHY: Art, tech, music. It’s a celebration of digital excess. The one in Mexico this year was electric, fascinating, and generally highlights the future at its finest. Next stop, Barcelona in 2016.


WHAT: Zona Maco
WHERE: Mexico, DF
WHY: Because let’s face it, Mexico, DF is the coolest city in the world right now. What! Have you seen/heard what’s happening there?
Get involved.


WHAT: Habitas
WHERE: Tulum / Turkey / LA
WHY: Well, I know I found my family. This invite-only haven of wonderment celebrates the best music in the world and the people who love it.


WHAT: Summit at Sea
WHERE: The Ocean
WHY: When described to me as Burning Man meets a TED talk on a cruise ship, I was skeptical. I’m now a convert. I learned, connected, danced, and felt honored to be there.