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Game Changers

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Cleo Wade

The Influential Poet Turning Girl Power into Woman Power

Misty Copeland

The Ballerina That Became an Icon by Breaking Down Barriers

Julie Gilhart

The Fashion Innovator’s Personal Game Changers

Ian Schrager

How the Visionary Entrepreneur Turned Hospitality into a Celebration

Game-changing Moments in History

A Visual Exploration by the Iconic Magnum Photographers

Black Coffee

The DJ Bringing the South African Club Scene to the World

Mezcal Mamas

Meet the Two Bootlegging Alchemists Transforming the Spirits Industry

Jane Goodall

The Feminist Icon and Conservationist on How We Can Still Save the Planet

Virgil Abloh

How the Creative Polymath Is Pushing Fashion to New Heights

Game-Change Your Life

From Meditation to Entrepreneurialism, How to Make Big Changes with Small Steps

Positive News

What’s Going Right in the World

Saving the World’s Oceans

How James Jagger and Project 0 Are Using Their Star Power for Preservation

Cooking in Motion

For Barcelona’s First Female Sake Sommelier and a Nomadic Chef, Food Is a Simple Performance

Pundy’s Picks

The Six Activists Who Should Be on Everyone’s Radar

Game Changers


As if being the VP of brand experience for EDITION Hotels and founding the innovative travel site A Hotel Life weren’t enough, Ben Pundole (aka Pundy) is also an environmental activist, pushing the hospitality industry to become more sustainable. Last year he founded Stay Plastic Free, an initiative to take single use plastics out of hotels and cut down on waste. Using EDITION as an industry standard, the goal is to be 100% single-use-plastic-free by the end of 2018 and inspire other hotels and brands to do the same.


Clearly progress is important to Pundole, so we asked him who else is pushing the needle forward. The result is Pundy’s Picks: six visionaries who are standing up for what they believe in and, in the process, helping and supporting others.

Queeny Van Der Zande • @Queenyscraps This Dutch model, diver, and activist is lending her time and energy to worthwhile conservation charities and causes—and having a blast doing it. For her that means no fur, no plastic, saving sharks, and much more. Yes Queeny!


Chelsea Leyland • @Chelsealeyland Long-time friend of EDITION, NYC’s downtown fashion DJ is dedicating her life to epilepsy advocacy and cannabis activism. Using her own story as a starting point, she’s currently filming a documentary on the benefits of CBD oil on epilepsy.

Alan Cumming • @Alancummingsnaps From playing a baddie in a Bond movie to starring in Cabaret on Broadway, as well as The Good Wife and The Tempest, Alan Cumming is the ultimate renaissance man. Add to that he’s an LGBTQ activist and vegan, always ready to #resist. Legend!


Lily Kwong • @Lily_kwong Sick of being asked about her fashion choices and beauty routine, model turned landscape designer and general badass Lily Kwong started a podcast series called Ask Them More, where she interviews incredible women about their true passions—what they actually think and care about.

Adrian Grenier • @Adriangrenier @lonelywhale Once the pioneer of bro culture on Entourage, Adrian Grenier is now dedicating an enormous amount of his time to ocean conservation as the founder of the Lonely Whale foundation. Engaging his large social media following, he’s also challenging us to stop using plastic straws, #Stopsucking, and helping us make an impact with the #StayPlasticFree campaign.


Adwoa Aboah • @Adwoaaboah @gurlstalk Model and activist Adwoa Aboah balances Burberry campaigns and Vogue covers with running Gurls Talk, a movement to empower, support, and guide young women by offering a “safe space for girls to share and listen without judgement or stigma.” We love you Adwoa!