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Game Changers

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Cleo Wade

The Influential Poet Turning Girl Power into Woman Power

Misty Copeland

The Ballerina That Became an Icon by Breaking Down Barriers

Julie Gilhart

The Fashion Innovator’s Personal Game Changers

Ian Schrager

How the Visionary Entrepreneur Turned Hospitality into a Celebration

Game-changing Moments in History

A Visual Exploration by the Iconic Magnum Photographers

Black Coffee

The DJ Bringing the South African Club Scene to the World

Mezcal Mamas

Meet the Two Bootlegging Alchemists Transforming the Spirits Industry

Jane Goodall

The Feminist Icon and Conservationist on How We Can Still Save the Planet

Virgil Abloh

How the Creative Polymath Is Pushing Fashion to New Heights

Game-Change Your Life

From Meditation to Entrepreneurialism, How to Make Big Changes with Small Steps

Positive News

What’s Going Right in the World

Saving the World’s Oceans

How James Jagger and Project 0 Are Using Their Star Power for Preservation

Cooking in Motion

For Barcelona’s First Female Sake Sommelier and a Nomadic Chef, Food Is a Simple Performance

Pundy’s Picks

The Six Activists Who Should Be on Everyone’s Radar

Game Changers

History Lesson
History Lesson Metropolitan Life Building, NYC, 1911. Photo: Irving Underhill

F YOU’RE STANDING AT 5 MADISON AVE staring straight up, it’s easy to see why New York City is the place to dream big. When it was built in 1909 as the Metropolitan Life Building, 5 Madison Ave eclipsed the city’s skyline as the tallest building and the highest timepiece in the world—a glory that lasted four years until the Woolworth Building wiggled its way upwards with seven more floors. Architect Napoleon LeBrun looked to Venice, Italy when envisioning this striking piece of Renaissance revival architecture, taking cues from the iconic Campanile building. And just like the Campanile is capped with gold, 5 Madison Ave has a gilded cupola at its top: an “eternal light” that stays illuminated even when the building’s other lights have gone to sleep for the night.

Unlike its Italian counterpart, however, the landmarked tower watches over mid-

Manhattan with a timepiece so extraordinary that novels have been written about it. e four-sided clock’s faces are a whopping 26.5 feet in diameter, and each of its numbers are an impressive four feet high.

Unusual for NYC, the skyscraper has only changed owners three times in its long life. As the new home to the New York EDITION Hotel, it’s as brilliant as ever with 273 guest rooms and a “gold bar” (where you’ll find us). It’s buildings like this that make New York City grand, and—just like LeBrun did—remind us to dream big.

1 → Best people-watching spot:
In front of my house on Lafayette between Spring and Kenmare.


2 → Favorite NYC slang or saying:
Ha ha – these change by the day.


3 → Best time of day:
7 am and midnight.


4 → Brooklyn or Manhattan:


5 → Best thing about NYC:
The people. The energy. The access.


6 → Best thing about leaving NYC:
Getting to come back.


7 → What does NYC need more of:
Affordable living for the creative class.

8 → Less of:
Selfie Sticks.


9 → Best place to bring the kids:
LES Skatepark.


10 → Favorite NYC spa:
Spazio on Mott St. and the Russian baths on Wall St.


11 → Deli coffee or anything but:
Anything but. I am not laid back when it comes to good coffee.

12 → Favorite NYC food:
Sant Ambroeus on Lafayette, The Smile, Takahachi, Lovely Day…any place within walking distance.


13 → Best place to workout:
NW STUDIO with Nicole Winhoffer.


14 → Favorite fashion week activity:

15 → Favorite NYC-centric website:
Hypebeast and Complex.


16 → Train, cab, Uber, or other:
All except for train.


17 → NYC vice:
Uber, Nails, 24-hour delivery, puppy watching, and riding my bike.


18 → Favorite NYC legend:
Lyor Cohen. A legend in every way.


19 → Best outside-of- the-city escape:
Upstate and Montauk.


20 → Favorite DJ:
Just one? Jesse Marco,Venus X,Chelsea Leyland,Virgil Abloh,Chances with Wolves.